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About Vanpool

Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool service is a smart choice for groups of commuters who live and work near each other. Passengers share the ride and pay a low monthly fare for a minivan seating up to 6, or a full-size van seating up to 10 people. All fuel, maintenance, and insurance are included.

How Vanpool Works: 

  • A group of 6 to 10 people share a ride to work in a van dedicated to their commute, for a monthly fare based on the mileage and number of passengers in the van. 
  • Vanpool riders volunteer to drive, track maintenance and submit reports.

Join a Vanpool:

  • Fill out the web application with your starting point, destination and daily schedule.
  • Our vanpool coordinator will try to match you with an existing van based on your needs.

Form Your Own Vanpool:

  • Email co-workers or post notices at work.
  • Talk to co-workers about forming a vanpool.
  • Post notices in nearby buildings and have those interested contact you.
  • Contact the Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist and find out if there are people near your work or home who are on a vanpool waiting list.

Once You Have a Vanpool Group:

  • Set up a brief planning meeting to decide on a time and place to meet (see Park-n-Ride locations).
  • Choose your drivers and riders (it's easier than it sounds).
  • Complete your sign-up forms.
  • Sit back and enjoy the savings - and the ride!

 Mountain Metro Rides is accepting applications for groups to use a Mountain Metro Rides-owned van.


Accessibility Requests

If your group needs an accessible van that meets ADA requirements, please let us know. We're happy to accommodate modifications at no additional cost. Please contact our Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist at 719-385-7433 or email



Tier Max Miles per Month Rate per Person
1 <1250 $115
2 1251-1750 $155
3 1751-2250 $205
4 2251-2750 $240
5 >2751 $275


Large Van

Tier Max Miles per Month Rate per Person
1 <1250 $100
2 1251-1750 $108
3 1751-2250 $124
4 2251-2750 $151
5 >2751 $167


Contact Information

For more information, call our Mountain Metro Rides Vanpool Specialist at 719-385-RIDE (7433) or email: