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Bridge Maintenance Program

The City of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority have made these projects possible through the development and funding of the Bridge Maintenance Program.  The primary goal of the program is public safety.  Public safety is upheld by identifying and addressing bridge issues as they occur.  The maintenance program also addresses the needs of our bridge inventory as the local population grows and creates more strain on our infrastructure.

Goals of this program include:

Bridge Statistics:

  • On-going inspection of all minor bridge structures to determine condition and quantify repair needs
  • Perform maintenance on bridges with annual construction packages
  • Develop a 25-year plan to prioritize bridge replacements
  • 442 Bridges in the City of Colorado Springs Inventory; 223 Major Bridges (greater than 20 feet opening), 219 Minor Bridges (between 4 feet and 20 feet opening)
  • The city has 1,693 centerline miles of roadway and 442 bridges, on average motorists drive over a bridge every 3.8 miles
  • The combined bridge deck area of all 442 bridges is about 1.8 million square feet or approximately 40 football fields

Bridge Projects: 

Bridge maintenance projects typically involve a wide range of activities, including: concrete removal and replacement, channel stabilization, guardrail repair, waterproofing of bridge decks, trip hazard repair, safety upgrades, asphalt removal and replacement, drainage improvements and many more.

Program Managers:

Aaron Egbert, City Program Manager, 719-385-5465