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Key Dates

Technical Advisory Committee

December 14, 2020, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Citizen Advisory Committee

December 14, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Virtual Public Meeting

December 16, 2020, 5:30 – 7:00 PM


Project Overview

Project Need

The City of Colorado Springs has completed a number of studies to understand and plan for changes that are anticipated in the North Nevada area. These studies have included the Renew North Nevada Master Plan and associated Transportation Sub-Area Plan, along with plans such as PlanCOS and the Colorado Springs Streetcar Feasibility Study among others. These studies have led to an understanding that the city needs to investigate and plan for alternative transit services to enhance economic development and support the transportation needs of the North Nevada “corridor.” The north-south corridor extends from Downtown to the UCCS campus and considers the area from I-25 to Wahsatch. This study is anticipated to determine the appropriate transit mode, if other than the existing local bus, that will serve the needs of the diverse neighborhoods, major destinations including Downtown and the UCCS campus, and the anticipated growth in the North Nevada area and develop a preferred alignment for this new transit mode.

Draft Project Purpose

The North Nevada Transit Connectivity Study will evaluate the feasibility of alternatives transit services to serve the needs of the North Nevada Avenue corridor and connect the UCCS campus to downtown Colorado Springs. The project will build on previous studies and by using existing transit operations, forecast demographics, and community input, will define the transit needs of the North Nevada Avenue corridor. Through definition of need, the project will select and define a preferred transit technology, alignment, and operational characteristics that best responds to the defined mobility needs of the corridor. Importantly, the project will develop these aspects of a transit service consistent with federal funding requirements including consideration of environmental constraints.

Refined Project Goals

Provide a transit service in the North Nevada area that:

  • Supports the City in providing reliable, efficient, and accessible mobility choices and connectivity for residents, students, employees, and visitors (between UCCS and Downtown)
  • Helps to advance economic development and redevelopment opportunities that have been identified in City plans within and around the North Nevada area
  • Supports a healthy community and sound environmental practices now and as the City grows and develops in the future
  • Identifies a feasible transit solution that aligns with available resources to be implemented and sustained.

Committees and Meetings

The project team has created two project advisory committees, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), whom will be engaged multiple times throughout the project process. These committee members represent various constituencies and are tasked with providing initial feedback and recommendations for the project, but not to directly make decisions.

Technical Advisory Committee Meetings

Citizen Advisory Committee

Office Hours

Community Office Hours, Oct. 24, 2019:

Final Report

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