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Become a TOPS Junior Ranger!

What is it?

The Trails, Open Spaces, and Parks (TOPS) program and Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) have partnered to offer our very own Junior Ranger Nature Pack. Did you know that there are dozens of Open Spaces throughout Colorado Springs?

What’s inside?

Each Pack includes everything needed for over thirty fun outdoor activities! Activities Include:

  • Measuring a tree to find its age
  • Finding wetland wildlife to estimate habitat health
  • Finding fossils and signs of long-gone environments
  • Measuring pollution in park waters
  • Finding and identifying insects
  • Using all five senses for journaling
  • Drawing ancient landscapes
  • And many more!

How can I get a Nature Pack?

Junior Ranger Nature Packs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at all Pikes Peak Library District locations. At checkout you will receive a complete Nature Pack, as well as the Junior Ranger Activity Book. You can also check the status of Nature Packs.

The Junior Ranger Nature Pack is a no-cost program available to everyone; however designed for ages 7-13. The Nature Pack is loaded with supplies for fun and educational outdoor activities.  The pack and self-guided activity book encourages children and their families to get out, explore, observe, describe, engage the senses at designated parks falling within the umbrella of the TOPS (Trails Open Space and Parks) program! 

The activities in the book are aligned with Colorado Academic Standards for Science and Social Science and emphasize STEAM education. Each pack is self-contained, and includes all the materials and supplies needed.  Activities can be done at any time during the year.



Program Partners

  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
  • TOPS Program
  • Pikes Peak Library District