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The City’s Planning & Community Department is pleased to announce that HistoricCOS, the Colorado Springs Historic Preservation Plan, was approved on December 10, 2019. We are appreciative of all community members who participated and took time to help shape HistoricCOS, as it will enhance and guide preservation efforts in the City for years to come. HistoricCOS is a monumental achievement for our community and celebrates the legacies of our founders and those that have followed. Together, our City can embrace its past and be ready to share its heritage with generations to come.

Through HistoricCOS, which is a city-wide planning document, preservation in the City of Colorado Springs is best furthered and understood at the neighborhood level. The acceptance and incorporation of historic and cultural resources is a central part of the ongoing economic and community development strategy of the City. The Plan can be accessed via the hyperlinks below:

HistoricCOS (Colorado Springs Historic Preservation Plan)